North Texas Swimming Officials


The goal of the officials certification program in North Texas is to train others—through education, participation, and mentoring—to achieve a high competency in officiating swimming and to ensure consistency and fairness at meets across the LSC.

LSC Certification and Recertification

North Texas (NT) Swimming certifies officials in the following positions. Requirements for each position can be found by following the link to the appropriate document. Candidates working toward new certification should track their apprenticeship by using the corresponding Apprentice Log. Officials who are already NT-certified in a particular position can find the standards for recertification in the Requirements document.

Position Requirements Apprentice Logs
Stroke & Turn Judge [PDF] [PDF]
Chief Judge [PDF] [PDF]
Starter [PDF] [PDF]
Deck Referee [PDF] [PDF]
Meet Referee [PDF] [PDF]
Timing Judge [PDF] [PDF]
Administrative Official [PDF] [PDF]
Administrative Referee [PDF] [PDF]

Clinic schedule

All non-administrative positions require attendance at a clinic prior to certification. You can find the latest schedule of clinics on the Officials Calendar.

Background Checks

USA Swimming requires all non-athlete members to complete a background check once every two years. For officials, "non-athlete members" includes all referees, starters, administrative officials, chief judges, and stroke and turn judges. The background check is a criminal record search that "determine[s] an individual's eligibility for membership in USA Swimming;" thus, it is a requirement for all LSC certifications and recertifications. For more information or to initiate a background check, see the USA Swimming website.

National Certification Program

The Officials Committee encourages all NT-certified officials to grow their knowledge and experience by participating in USA Swimming's National Officials Certification Program. This Program aims to

expand the education of officials through mentoring, participation and evaluation as well [as recognize] those officials who have demonstrated their knowledge of swim officiating at each level and position.

The Program defines two levels of certification—N2 and N3—that augment LSC certification in the following positions:

  • Stroke & Turn Judge
  • Chief Judge
  • Starter
  • Deck Referee
  • Administrative Official (N2 only)
  • Administrative Referee

You can find more information on the USA Swimming website.